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28 January 2019
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British racer Sam Bird stayed cool during today's sweltering Formula E race in S

12 November 2018
An update from Sam
Hi It’s been a while since we’ve updated the website, for which


6 September 2009

Brands Doesn’t Love Me Back!

“I love Brands but it seems Brands doesn't love me back!” was the way that Sam ironically summarised his F3 Euro Series weekend, during Sunday’s press conference, after the young Briton came third in Sunday’s race.

“I don’t know whether to cry or laugh”, he added with a pained smile. “I managed to get Esteban off the start and was on Brendon’s tail, when suddenly my engine started to rev with no power, coming out of the second corner. I immediately got on the radio and started screaming: my clutch is gone, my clutch is gone! The team just said: keep going, keep pushing for as long as you can!”

“I was quite an angry driver in that car but I actually think I drove one of the best races of my life, because when your clutch is giving up on you, you get lots of revs with no power! I was losing a lot of time down the straights and having to make it up again round the corners to stay with the lead.”

“Then on the restart after the safety car, my steering wheel got jammed after Druids, which sent me onto the grass. I had to force it back with all my strength to straighten the wheel again but that lost me second place.”

“I guess I was relieved to see the chequered flag because I really wasn’t sure my car would make it to the end. But mostly I’m very disappointed because I had the pace for much better than third.”

The next round of the F3 Euro Series takes place at Barcelona on 18th – 20th September.